Wolfpack Basketball
June 27, 2024

Wolfpack WABL teams were back in action for Round 10 of the 2024 WABL season. The Wolves recorded 19 wins on the day, to 18 losses.

The U12 Girls played tough basketball all weekend going 2-2. The U12-Champs won big over Mandurah 60-16. Team 2 had a difficult game losing 33-63 to Redbacks 1’s. Team 3 played 3 good quarters of basketball, but had one very trouble-filled 2nd quarter, losing that quarter 15-0, and resulting in the loss to Hawks 2s. But in the other 3 quarters of play, the game was pretty much even. Team 4 had a big win over Suns in Kalamunda.

U14 Girls The U14 Girls had a tough day, with all 4 teams having close competitive games, but all 4 falling short. The Champs team had a very competitive game against the 2nd place Cougars team. The final score was 54-64, and really it was a bad 3rd quarter that did the Wolves girls in. The rest of the game was highly competitive. Zoe French fouled out, but had 26 points. Team 2 lost to Flames 35-38 in a game that was tightly contested for all 32 minutes. Team 3 lost by 14 to the Suns Orange. Team 4 was up 1 going into the 4th quarter, but the game ended up slipping away and they lost 39-45.

U16 Girls The U16 Girls went 1-3. The Champs lost 44-58 to Cougars, but remain in a 3-way tie for 3rd place. Team 2 lost to Willetton 49-68. Team 3 had a 62-58 victory over Rockingham 2s. Andi Morris and Indiana Hobbs both had big scoring outputs in the close game. Team 4 lost to Cougars 28-42. They had 3 good quarters, but a 19-1 3rd quarter ended up being too much to overcome.

U18 Women The U18 Women went 2-2. The Champs had a big 79-42 victory over Cougars. Chloe Goldsmith and Isabelle Bassett both had 16, and Grace Gardiner chimed in with 15. Team 2 also had a big win, against Warwick 2s, winning 68-44. Team 3 had a great comeback in the 4th to make the game very close, but ended up falling 4-points short against the Eagles. They lost 63-67. Team 4 had a 55-63 lost against Lakeside.

U21 and D-League Women The U21 Women had a good 88-67 victory over Lakeside. D-League Women had an 80-51 victory over Eagles to finish their season off with a punch. They had an impressive regular season, finishing 9-3 and in the 2nd place spot. They will play Lakeside in Finals round 1 next week. We wish them the best of luck in the finals!

U12 Boys The U12 Boys played amazing basketball on the weekend and the group made the clean sweep with all 4 teams getting the win. The Champs team got a 26-point win over the Redbacks. Team-2 got a 12-point win over Cougars. Team 3 had a hard fought 7-point victory over Suns. Team 4 started out hot with a 19-6 first quarter, and cruised the rest of the way to a 56-41 victory over the Redbacks.

The U14 Boys The U14 boys went 2-2 on the day. The Champs Boys lost by 15 to the Cougars. Team 2 had a good 13-point victory over the Slammers 1’s. Team 3 had a great victory over Redbacks. They were up big at 3 quarter time, but a furious comeback by Redbacks in the 4th required the boys to dig in a hold them off. In the end, they did just that, winning 48-43. Team 4 had a tough loss against Cougars 3’s, but remain tied for 3rd place while the Cougars team is undefeated and will be a tough opponent in this division the rest of the way.

The U16 Boys The U16 Boys went 1-3 on the day. Team 4 had a thrilling 1-point victory against the Flames. James Arnatt scored the final basket that ended up being the game-winner and the Wolves finished the game on a 10-2 run to come away victorious. Team 1 lost to Cougars. Team 2 lost 81-89 to the 2nd place Lakeside 1’s. Team 3 dropped their first game of the season in a close one against Magic, but they remain in first place.

The U18 Men The U18 boys went 3-1 on the day. The Champs had a thrilling 2-point victory over the Cougars. The guards came to play! Taj Gleeson had 17 points and Liam Kersey had 20 points. Team 2 also had a close victory, beating Lakeside 1’s 79-72. 4 players scored in double figures in a true team win. Team 3 had a down to the wire game also, but unfortunately they fell on the other side. The end score for them was 98-103 versus Cockburn 3. Team 4 had a 95-62 victory over Magic.  

The U20 Men and D-League Men The U20 Champs Men had a 1-possession game that they fell just short on, losing to the Cougars. Team 2 had a big 21-point victory over Redbacks, winning 90-69. D-League Men had a 104-88 victory over Hawks. This concludes the regular season for the Men’s D-League team, and they have been impressive, currently situated in 2nd place. They also were the one team to beat the otherwise undefeated 1st place Tigers side. Good luck in finals to the men!

It was a great weekend of High-Level Basketball and we look forward to more to come in Round 11!