Wolfpack Basketball
May 15, 2024

It was an exciting day of games with a Wolves overall record of 19-16, and many close, exciting games.

The U12 Boys went 3-1 on the day. The Champs had an overtime thriller against East Perth and won 60-56. After a defensive stop at the end of the 4th to force overtime, the boys came out in overtime and were fantastic with defensive pressure and clutch free throws. Team 2 beat Slammers 1’s 51-35. Damon Veljacich, Leandro Machado, and Alexander Ham all scored in double figures, and the bigs did a terrific job of guarding the bigs from Slammers. Team three lost the Eagles 2’s by 10. After a bad 11-21 first quarter, the boys held steady the rest of the way. Team 4 had a blowout win over Flames and Jaxon Smith had a crazy 54-point total.

The U12 Girls went 2-2 on the day. The Champs girls had a close game through halftime but then it slipped away a bit in the 4th quarter, end score was Wolves 31, Lakeside 43. Team 2 lost a tough one against Willetton. Team 3 won a great game versus Warwick 2s. The game finished 32-27, Parker Francis and Evie Mills leading the scoring. Team 4 also had a good win, 38-28 versus Mandurah Black. Most of the damage was done in the 3rd quarter which went the Wolves way 11-2.

The U14 Boys went 3-1 on the day. The Champs went down to Willetton after a tough 3rd quarter put Willetton in the driver’s seat. Team 2 had a 67-point win over Hills Raiders. They came out the gates running and gunning and had a huge lead already going into halftime. Team 3 had a big 30-point win over Suns as well, with Liam Adeline, Alessandro Agostini, Charlie Connolly, and Zach Snart all scoring in double figures, and two others scoring 8, it was a balanced team win. Team 4 had a good win also over Lakeside 3’s. After a first half with a very close score, the Wolves took off in the second half and won the 3rd quarter 21-7. The end score was 60-44. 

The U14 Girls went 2-2. The Champs got off to a rocky start and never really recovered, with Willetton winning by a comfortable margin. Team 2 won a close game against Cockburn, 52-46. It was a day of balanced leading scorers with Amelia Weaver, Ella Sherwin, and Kyona Neslo all recording double figures. Team 3 went down to the Slammers 2’s. The team’s defence held up all game, but it was just one of those games where scoring was limited. Team 4 won 38-32 against Mandurah Gold. The game was tightly contested the whole way through, and it was a balanced scoring effort with many players contributing.

The U16 Boys went 2-2. The Champs had a good start, bad second half in the progress of a tough loss to Willetton. Team 2 had a tough one as well against Redbacks 1’s and fell 109-71. Team 3 had a big victory over Slammers 2’s. Aiden Jones, Aiden Kiely and Oli Toms all were over 20 points in the scoring tally as they won by 39. Team 4 also beat Lakeside by 31. Derek Deng had another great game with 20, while Marcus Bower and James Arnatt turned in 19 and 16.

The U16 Girls went 2-2. The Champs had an excellent 6-point win over Willetton in a tightly contested defensive minded game. Rose Wheeler had one of her best games of the year, handling pressure and contributing some timely buckets, with 12 total. But ultimately it was the team’s defense that got them over the line, holding the Tigers to only 44 points. Team 2 also close win versus Warwick 2’s, ultimately finishing up 48-41. T’yanna Keating and Milla Yates both contributed double figures.

The U18 Boys went 2-2. The Champs boys had a tough game and lost by 38-point margin in the end. Team 2 had a great 9-point victory over Cockburn 2’s. Luis Pibworth led the way in scoring, but Luke Owens, Sam Geel, and Jeremiah Gatluak all contributed by scoring numbers as well. A 28-14 third quarter margin ended up being the deciding factor in the favor of the Wolves. Team 3 had a close loss versus Redbacks 1’s. Hudson Rampling had 22-points but it wasn’t quite enough as the Redbacks won the 2nd half by 13 to win the game by 8. Team 4 had a 2-point win that was filled with excitement. Down 1 with under 30 seconds remaining, Samuel Parker got a transition opportunity, and made a terrific Euro-Step move for the And-1. He made the free throw as well and the team proceeded to have two terrific defensive stops to close out the game.

The U18 Girls went 2-2. The Champs had a big win over Willetton, finishing up 86-50. Izzy Bassett and Grace Gardiner had 21 while Mya Haley also contributed 19. Team 2 also beat Hills Raiders by 22. Ava Tomazin, Jorja Herman, and Zoe Liesis dominated inside, all having double-figures. Team 3 lost 40-58 to Warwick’s 2nd team, while Team 4 fell just short against the Suns.

The U20 Men went 0-2, while the U21 Women got a blowout win over Willetton. The U20 Champs boys did everything they could in the 4th quarter to comeback, winning the quarter 19-9, but still fell 7-points short, falling 86-93. Team 2 had a heartbreaking close loss 73-70 to East Perth. The U21 Women won against Willetton 104-39, in dominant fashion. Ty Bolland led the team with 17 points, but everyone contributed, and 9 players ended up with 8 or more points.

Thank you to everyone for contributing to a great day of many games at HBF. Go Wolves!