Wolfpack Basketball
May 28, 2024

Wolfpack WABL teams were back in action for Round 6 of the 2024 WABL season this Sunday. Wolves teams recorded a record of 20 wins and 15 losses, with the U12 boys, U16 boys, and U20/21 men and women all recording perfect records as a group.

The Under 12 boys swept the day, with a terrific 4-0 record. The Champs team had a blowout win against Rockingham. The game was a 6-point game going into the 4th quarter, but a 26-7 final period led to a 26-point victory, 71-45. Team 2 had a comeback win in the 4th quarter in a thrilling 1 point victory over Senators. Down 36-45 with 6:33 remaining in the 4th, the Joondalup boys scored the final 10 points of the game. Damon Veljacich scored 4 points in this stretch, and the game winner to go up 1, was by Dau Mabok. Team 3 beat Suns 63-56. After being down at halftime, a big 21-9 3rd quarter for the Wolves turns things around and set the win in motion. Team 4 also had a hard fought close win, overcoming Perry Lakes White 43-37.

Under 12 girls went 2-2 on the day. The Champs team had a 40-point win over Slammers. Aisling Fernandez led all scorers with 15. Team 2 lost to Rockingham’s 1s, by 24.  Azalea Keating had a good 13-point performance in the loss. A slow start by Team 3 against Willetton had them down early. A good second half was not enough to overcome the deficit. Team 4 had a big 30 point victory over Warwick, with a final score of 43-13. The team defense was extraordinary, holding Warwick to only 3 points through 3 quarters of play.

The Under 14 boys went 1-3 on the day. The Champs team lost by 22 to Perry Lakes. Team 2 was close in every quarter except a bad 3rd quarter, in the process of a 69-86 loss to East Perth’s 1s. Team 3 had a great start and got up 17-7, but lost momentum and ended up going down to the Redbacks. Team 4 had a thrilling 42-41 victory over Perry Lakes Blue. In the final moments, a basket by Dylan Gates put the Wolves up by 3, but was followed by back to back scores by the Hawks. The Wolves followed this up with a game winning basket by Jeremy Lowson to put the Wolves up by 1.

The Under 14 girls went 2-2 on the day. The Champs team went down to the Hawks by 15. It was a slow start for the Wolves, and despite the good second half, they could not overcome the lead that had been built. Wolves 2 had a 24-point victory over Willetton. Amelia Weaver had a big 14-point output, while all players on the team scored and contributed well. Team 3 had a nice 15-point victory over Suns. It was a well-balanced scoring effort with many players scoring 5 or more. Team 4 had a loss against Slammers. Georgia Lock and Indiana Stephenson led scorers with 7 each.

Under 16 boys had a sweep this Sunday as well, with all 4 teams recording wins. The Champs boys recorded a big 29-point win over Perry Lakes. The Wolves had 98 points, which included a whopping 6 made 3s by Rafael Viegas. Team 2 won 92-90 versus the Suns. Kade Cavanagh had the final bucket that broke the 90-90 tie and secured the win for the Wolves. Team 3 had an 11-point victory over East Perth. Oli Toms and AJ Jones recorded 26 and 23 points respectively. Team 4 had an exciting 93-90 victory over Willetton.

The Under 16 girls went 1-3 on the day. The Champs team had a terrific 71-66 victory over the Hawks. The Wolves finished on a 6-2 run to seal the deal. Cameron Brown had a huge game with 28 points, and Lea Mirthil chipped in 16, including the final bucket of the game. Team 2 lost to Hawks 42-60. Team 3 lost to Warwick 62-72 despite a big 27-point performance from Andi Morris. Team 4 lost to Magic 41-58.

Under 18 boys went 2-2 on the day. The Champs boys had a big loss against the Hawks. Team 2 was up 6 at the end of the 3rd quarter, but had a bad 4th quarter on the way to a 9-point loss. Team 3 had an unbelievable second half. After being down 7 at halftime, the Wolves won the 3rd quarter 34-9, then won the 4th quarter 32-18 to win the 106-74. Team 4 had a blowout win over Slammers 3.

The Under 18 Girls went 1-3. The Champs team lost to Hawks 62-88. Team 2 had a hard fought 64-58 victory over Mandurah. Ava Tomazin, Jorja Herman, and Jay Gates all shared leading scorer duties with 10 each. Team 3 had a brutal 1st quarter start against Willetton’s first team, and went down 27. But then turned things around to where each quarter to follow was competitive and close. Team 4 played Cockburn’s 2nd team, and lost by 22. It was a tie game going into the 4th quarter, but a 33-11 deficit in the 4th derailed the Wolves.

The Under 20 Champs won 96-90 at Perry Lakes, while the U20 team 2 men had an exciting 73-72 victory over the Hawks as well. A score by Ewan Butler got the Wolves the lead by 1, and the defensive stops sealed the deal, as the Hawks were unable to score from there. The Under 21 women had a blowout win over Redbacks to complete the clean 3-0 sweep of the U20/21 men and women.  

Great job Wolfpack!