WBA Ref of the Month – August

October 30, 2023

Congratulations to Aisha Allen on winning the Zambrero Joondalup – Referee of the Month for the month of August!

Aisha has been making remarkable progress in her role as a referee. Throughout the past season, she has consistently shown great improvement in her abilities and has always demonstrated a willingness to go above and beyond to assist the WBA when needed. The Referee Instructors have taken note of Aisha’s impressive development and have observed that she has the potential to officiate higher levels ofbasketball if she maintains her current attitude of dedication and continues to hone her skills. It is clear that Aisha is well on her way to becoming a highly skilled and respected referee.

Keep up the great work! 

Wolfpack Basketball’s Zambrero Joondalup Referee ofthe Month recipient recognizes our club’s refereeing talent and commitment across the entire Association from Domestic to WABL.

Each month a referee will be recognized for their attitude, work ethic and development as a referee.

Every monthly winner receives a voucher from our valued sponsor, Zambrero Joondalup, as well as enters the draw at the end of the year to win a $100 Ref Warehouse voucher to help gear up for their ongoing development as an official.

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