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Trainee Referee – Black Shirt

Trainee Officials

Our Trainee Officials start their refereeing journey by attending the Association Beginner Referee course run by JBRA. After completion of this course, trainees will have real game experience during our Junior Domestic Competition held at Mater Dei on Saturdays for roughly six weeks. Each official is paired with an experienced Level 1 Referee during these games to help guide them through their sign offs to becoming a qualified WBA official. Once you have been signed off, you will receive your Green Basketball Australia Referee shirt and be able to referee for the WBA Junior Domestic Competition at various venues.

Association Beginner Referee


After you complete the Trainee Referee Program at Mater Dei and receive your green shirt, you can now begin refereeing at all our Junior Domestic Competition venues on Saturday. Our Association Beginner Referees are made up of four panels, J, B, R, and A. At the conclusion of each season, the Competitions and Referee Coordinator and Referee Instructors come together and assess each official into their correct panel. J officials roughly referee U/10’s and U/12’s, B officials roughly referee U/12’s and U/14’s, R officials roughly referee U/14’s and U/16’s, and A officials roughly referee U/16’s and U/18’s.

Level 1 Referee – Black and White Striped Shirt


After you have been an Association Beginner Referee for 12 months and are at least 15 years old, you can register for the Level 1 Referee Course. After attending this course, each official must complete two successful on-court assessments by a current BWA Level 1 Referee Coach and must be approved for promotion by the WBA Competitions and Referees Coordinator. You can then order your BWA black and white shirt. Level 1 Referees need to be signed off on Friday night Junior Domestic games and once they have progressed to a Level 1, they can referee any of our Junior Domestic Competition games.

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