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Score Table Officials

Just like referees, there are many reasons why people might become a Score Table Official. Most Score Table Officials are fans of the game who enjoy being involved at the local level. They become Score Table Officials to support basketball and stay involved in the game.

It is the Score Table Officials that keep the score and time. In junior competitions, it may be done by parents, or even the teams themselves. However, in higher grades like the NBL1, specialised Score Table Officials will perform these roles.

Roles of the Score Table Official

In NBL1 games, there are 5 specific score table positions:



Assistant Scorer


24-Second Shot Clock Operator

Score Table Officials work as a team with the referees, to maintain the scoring and timekeeping of the game.

The basic duties of each Score Table position are:

  • Chairperson: Ensure the smooth operation on the Score Table and communicate with the referees.
  • Scorer: Completes the scoresheet.
  • Assistant Scorer: This position is not always required but when present will assist with operating the scoreboard.
  • Timekeeper: Operate the game clock and in most situations also operate the scoreboard.
  • 24-Second Shot Clock Operator: Operate the shot clock by stopping and resetting according to the rules.

Score Table Official Pathways

Once you have level 1 accreditation you can participate in State competitions and from there can progress to NBL1 competitions, the WNBL, NBL, and even onto International games.

NBL1 Score Table Official Opportunities

The Wolves are currently seeking Score Table Officials for the NBL1 competition. This is a paid role and you would be required during the NBL1 season from March to August. Full training is provided.

If you are interested in becoming a Score Table Official, please email welcome@wolves.asn.au

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